Overeating: love yourself first

Through my own experience with overeating, I’ve realized how I use this behavior to compensate or fill up for the lack of another feeling in my life. I’m sure we’ve all been there – when you eat too much and suddenly you’re like OMG why did I do that?!
I feel like I’m at a tipping point with my own bad eating habits: I have really been able to distinguish between when I’m actually hungry and when I’m just eating for pleasure. Lately, I’ve gotten a lot better about stopping when I’m full and asking myself, ‘What do I need right now? I don’t need more food, but i do need something – so figuring out what that is will help me refocus my overeating.

A lot of the time when I overeat it’s because I’m seeking more pleasure, so I ask myself if what I REALLY need is a good full body stretch, some snuggle time with my cat, a phone call with a friend, to laugh hard at some funny YouTube vid, to spend time reading a book, to go get my shit done and do homework, to be outside and connect with nature, to write in my gratitude journal, etc. I have been much better lately about stopping to ask myself these questions while I’m eating so I can consciously track my feelings as I eat, instead of suddenly realizing how annoyed I am at myself for eating too much after dinner.

Another extremely important thing I’ve realized about sensitive behaviors in general is to remove the feelings of GUILT and SHAME we often associate with overindulging in a certain behavior (overspending or overeating, for example). When you attach these deeply negative feelings to certain behaviors and label something as a ‘guilty’ behavior, you are way more likely to do it again! Humans love being rebellious and doing what we’re not supposed to, so labeling something as guilty – even if it’s an unconscious label – will make you much more likely to come back to that negative behavior. Instead, try not to attach deeper meaning to these behaviors. For me when I overeat now, I say to myself: okay, my body doesn’t feel good. I am sorry, body – I’m sorry I didn’t take better care of you after all that you have done for me. But I FORGIVE myself for overeating. I recognize that habits, like all behaviors, come in ebb and flow, and some days I will eat a lot while others I will not eat as much. I recognize this as the continuous flow of life, and remember that enjoying my food is perfectly okay! Tomorrow, I will be more conscious of my eating and nourish my body with whole plant foods that demonstrate the respect and LOVE I have for my being. I love you, body. Thank you!

Detaching from deeper feelings such as guilt and shame and RELEASING that negativity has been the true catalyst to change in my eating behavior. If you deal with any kind of a guilty behavior, please be kind to yourself and forgive yourself first. To heal a ‘guilty’ habit we must first come from a higher vibration of LOVE! anger and sadness and stronger discipline will not heal such a habit, only make it worse.

Visualize your ideal self, forgive yourself, express your love for yourself, and RELEASE the behavior – and the freer you will be. ✨

Sending beautiful love and light to all beings everywhere! Namaste πŸŒŸπŸ™


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