How going vegan transformed me spiritually

When I became vegan in March 2014, I began to notice an unexpected shift in my perspective: I felt more harmonized and in sync with my true moral compass. This makes sense, as I was finally living the ethic of nonviolence that all of us have deeply rooted in our souls. I had been previously heard of intuition and was beginning to dive further into spiritual wellbeing while I was vegetarian, but I remember feeling impatient and disconnected from tools like meditation or concepts such as ‘being present’, because I didn’t really understand what they were and how to incorporate them into my life.


After I began eating and living in accordance with my morals, I felt revitalized – not just by the plants I was consuming, but by living in such alignment with my soul. This awakened my intuition, the internal guidance system each of us have, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. I recently realized, after watching the documentary Thrive*, that the reason I could become so in tune with my intuition was because I was now living in alignment with my core beliefs of compassion and nonviolence. I realized that I had been unknowingly muffling my soul’s intuitive compass by not living by my morals.

crystal grid

I believe this happens to many of us, as we grow up in a society that tells us what to eat, wear, think and how to act. As children, we would never want to eat animals if we put  two and two together to realize that animals are been brutally killed for our consumption, but since we have made it ‘normal’ to eat animal products, we usually don’t think twice about it. As a kid, I remember occasionally hearing about vegetarians and briefly considering why they don’t eat meat, and I would sometimes think about how it was bad to kill animals so we could eat them – a thought that was quickly buried in my mind by other thoughts like ‘But it tastes so good!’ and ‘Everyone else does it!’.


I am profoundly grateful that I reached a tipping point and educated myself about the truth of consuming animals so that I now live wholeheartedly by my morals and am guided by my intuition. My personal spiritual evolution was catalyzed by my going vegan that March, after which I began watching documentaries and learning more about metaphysics, meditation, and the power of positive thinking. It was again catalyzed the following July when I was very intuitively guided to a book that changed my worldview, The Celestine Prophecy.


I was guided to that very book one afternoon walking on the Avenida de Libertad, the central shopping street in Lisbon, Portugal with my brother, Magnus. This street is extremely wide, and there are many stores lining both sides, as well as booths in the middle of the street. I spotted a used bookstore on my right, and noticed a sign that they were having a book sale: all books for one Euro – of course I had to go! I dragged my brother with me over there as I got the sense that there was something I was supposed to find in that store, something waiting for me. When I walked into the store, I felt it even more strongly, and began looking for the book that my intuition told me I came for. Most of the books were in Spanish or Portuguese, however, and I was beginning to second guess myself when I saw a box of English books in the corner. Magnus was growing impatient, and I told him he could wait outside – there was something I had to find first. As I sorted through the books, I looked for keywords that would stand out to me. I finally found what I came for when I picked up The Celestine Prophecy, but at first it didn’t seem like much – I wouldn’t have bought the book if not for the strong gut feeling telling me this was the one. But I bought it, and quickly read it, and soon got around to ordering the other four books the author, James Redfield, wrote afterwards.


The Celestine Prophecy is sort of an adult fable: an American professor goes on a quest in the moutains of Peru, where he is guided my spiritual teachers through the nine insights of how to live in emotional harmony with others, ourselves, and the world. This book defined many of the beliefs I now hold, and has deeply impacted my life for the better. The story I told above of how I found it in that bookstore is one of the strongest moments of intuition I’ve ever felt to this day. I wouldn’t be near as in touch with my soul and true self if not for the change that opened the door to my own spiritual evolution: going vegan.


I hope my personal experience sheds light on the impact changing your diet can have on your lifestyle and belief system, and can inspire you to live a life that follows your moral and spiritual compass.

Peace, love, and plants!




*Thrive is an incredibly well-made documentary explaining the system we currently live in of central banking and the elite who rule the corporations behind Big Ag, Big Pharma, and the fossil fuel industry. It succinctly explains the problem and how we can solve it in a way that left me feeling inspired and hopeful for the future of humankind. You can watch it here, and learn more about the movement at



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